What Is Social Media Marketing?
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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to promote your business or product or service. Most people use social media for entertainment purposes but businesses can use social media for brand awareness, gaining website traffic, engagement with audience, advertising, etc. There are around 3 billion people who use social media and the number keeps on increasing as internet becomes more and more accessible and affordable. Social media was invented for interaction between people in a more expressive and public manner. It is seen that this interaction keeps on increasing and not just among people but with business as well. Brands are finding it easier to engage with their customers on social media and attain knowledge about their interests, behaviours, buying choices, etc. People are more vocal about businesses on social media and it automatically creates a perception and image of the brand online.

Brand building is one of the most vital marketing techniques that is practised on social media. Content consumption is high on social media and hence it is important for businesses to plan their content before putting it up on the internet. This planning involves creating any type of content such as educational, inspirational, entertaining, etc. for the audience, which might create brand awareness and gain organic traffic. Once your brand is built online, it is necessary to keep active engagement by posting new and trendy content which will attract people towards your brand. It is also beneficial to monitor your audience’s opinion about your brand. A simple reply to a positive comment on your post can create a positive outlook on your brand’s reputation. Also, a lot of customers share their inconvenience regarding a brand to gain support on social media. Solving customer’s problems publicly can also create a good perception and increase your brand’s reliability.

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Businesses also use influencer marketing in which they endorse a celebrity or anyone with a good number of fans to promote their product or service. An influencer is someone who people look up to as their opinion matters a lot to them. Therefore, when an influencer promotes a brand, their followers might like that brand as they see it being associated with the influencer. This strategy is adopted by a lot of brands to create awareness among the fans of social media celebrities. If you choose the right face for your brand, your brand value might increase and it will definitely increase reach on social media which will in-turn increase sales.

Social media advertising is also a profitable marketing technique that you can execute if you have the funds for it. This type of advertising will help you advertise your products to an audience that is outside of your customer base. And the best part is you can target a specific audience on the basis of demography if you know who your current and potential customers are.

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